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Environmental Social Governance

Siam Patumwan house

Premium Grade A Office Building Built to LEED Gold and Fitwel Standards

Siam Patumwan House commitment to sustainable design during construction, The built environment is designed to address human health elements: LEED GOLD, FITWEL, WIREDSCORE, SMARTSOCRE, Security System, Fire Protection,  Air-conditioning and Filtration, Energy Efficiency, Water Management, Sustainability and Hygiene.



- Sustainable site with 30% of greenery open spaces within the building area.
- Water efficiency in consuming and water use reduction.
- Environmentally optimization for energies and atmosphere i.e. LED lightings, motion sensors, insulated glass with low-emitting coating for vision glass.
- Tracking Energy use and measurement by the Building Management System (BMS).
- CO2 sensor monitoring control for good quality of ventilation and outdoor air delivery.
- Control of Construction Indoor Air Quality Management to prevent contamination by dust and chemicals.
- Thermal functional system control for reducing redundancy of energy usages .
- Preventive management and control of indoor chemicals and pollutions within the building to use low-emitting materials and have exhaust systems to release out such contaminated atmosphere.
- Banned Tobacco Smoking inside the building and provide a designated spaces at the outdoor ground level with air intake ducts to prevent unfriendly environment to tenants and visitors.
- Waste Management by on-site recyclable storage room and provide waste composter to digest and convert as nutritious fertilizer to plants.
- There are two bus stops within a 400m walking distance, two train stations within an 800m walking distance, and one ferry terminal within an 800m walking distance from the project.
- The average daily trips for each mode of transportation combined during weekdays and weekends are 1,017 and 948 respectively. These figures are significantly higher than almost three times the specified maximum scores in this category (360 and 216 trips).
- Allocating parking spaces for green vehicles, totaling 37 spaces in accordance with LEED criteria. These spaces are located at the main entrance of the building, and reserved parking signs are provided.
- Installing electric vehicle charging stations with 15 designated parking spaces. Reserved parking signs are also provided. The charging equipment has a power supply of greater than 208 volts and complies with safety standards for connectors as per the specified criteria (IEC-62196).



- Boost up community health to tenants with the concept of “The Future Home of Work”.
- Reduce morbidity and absenteeism to decrease rates of chronic disease and mental health conditions.
- Support social equity for vulnerable populations to increase accessibility of opportunities to most health and public uses.
- Instills feelings of well-being to connect nature and social engagement.
- Enhance access to healthy foods by set up events and outlets for healthy food with fair price.
- Promote occupant safety to decrease risks, crimes, and injuries.
- Increase physical activity to immune body strength by having the spaces for tenants’ movement both indoor and outdoor.



- Ensure our Development is built to support a change of technology meeting with tenants both now and in the future.
- Design to show Landlord’s proactive and forward-thinking vision with understandings of digital connectivity to be a key’s success to tenants.
- Optimize building with clear guidelines of digital infrastructure by well planning and designing in relevant to new technology and real estate trends by international standard.
- Assess “Work from anywhere” by resilience and flexibility concept based on tech-forward design and verified fundamental international standard of seamless digital connectivity.
- Assure uninterrupted digital broadband by having backup of fibre entry points and protection against damages or floods.
- Stretch mobile coverage into every corner of the property.
- Keep satisfaction of tenants’ experiences during working at the building without disruption.



- Make analytics to optimize building systems in real-time, reducing energy consumption.
- Provide information for building users to allow them to make informed sustainable choices.
- Get faster, easier design, and engineering tools to plan for high performance to the building.
- Increase ubiquitous sensors, controls, and data connections to help in realizing and sustaining performance in operations, and enhance maintainability.
- Able to gather and process data and digital building models to understand and improve the building’s performance.
- Balance and withstand future technological development, and mitigate risks caused by data privacy and cyber risks that are associated with smart technology.


- Target to Fitwel 1 star certification
- Target to LEED Gold sets solar reflective index (SRI) and façade light pollution standards
- Micro spray irrigation system per LEED Gold standards
- Low (chemical) Emiting Material (Low VOC content and meet CDPH standard)
- Construction materials with recycled content

Security System

Hitachi's Smart Building Platform provides state- of-the-art access controls, with facial recognition and smart card readers, electromagnetic locking and closed-circuit camera systems

Fire Protection

- NFPA standard sprinkler & fire hose cabinet systems
- Passive systems include smoke detectors, heat detector, emergency call points and manual fire alarm switches
- Active systems include Fire Alarm, water sprinklers, fire hose cabinets, FM200 in MEP rooms, fire curtain, pressurized fire exits and 2 fireman lifts


- Daikin VRV Air Conditioning & Fresh Air Treatment, specifications to ASHARE standards
- VRV-Duct Type, offering tenant power and temperature control
- G4 filter (equivalent to MERV6 filter) at all source (FCU)
- F9 filter (equivalent to MERV13) at OAU
- CO2 sensor and reporting


- Daylight & Human Sensor by Lighting Control System
- Light sensors around floor permiter adjust artificial lighting sensors throughout the day
- Common Area Lighting automated and controlled by motion sensors (e.g. in Pantry room and restrooms)
- All LED panels and digital signage
- Double glazed low-emissivity (low-e) coated glass windows
- Heat exchanger at OAU
- EV charger service and preferred parking space for green vehicles


- Recycled Water Plant
- Rainwater collection tank for irrigation and parking area cleaning
- Water saving and use reducing sanitary ware
- Water retaintion tank surplus drains to public sewage system
- Plant to treat all soil, water and kitchen waste for public sewage drainage

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